Adding XML-DB feature to existing oracle database

Using DBCA to add new database feature to existing oracle database is common way. To do that, just simply launch DBCA graphical interface, choose “Configure Database Options”, and then follow the screen to finish it.

However, sometimes you might find that the radio box “Configure Database Options” is grayed out, as shown below.


To enable “Configure Database Options”, one line need to be added to file oratab, which usually sit under /var/opt/oracle.


Once above line is added, you will see “Configure Database Options” is enabled after you launch DBCA.


But, that’s not all. Because, you might experience further error such as below.


Actually, this error is absolutely misleading one. You probably go for research and work on system parameter. But, it’s very likely that the dbname in file oratab doesn’t match the tnsname because it’s case sensitive. To avoid the happening of this error, simply make dbname in file oratab and tnsname identical without case sensitivity issue.

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Oracle Grid Control Enterprise Manager Troubleshooting

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“ORA-24333 zero iteration count” with Ellucian Banner

1-WM7GPE: GSADSUM creating new account results in ORA-24333 zero iteration count

Defect 1-J4KHDD -Forms 11.1.1.x -GSASECR error, ‘DO_EXEC_SQL failed : ORA-24333:zero iteration count’ when creating a new user as a copy of an existing one

1-3BVZ4J: GSASECR Copy userid errors – *ERROR* DO_EXEC_SQL failed: ORA-00911: invalid character ORA-06512: at ”GENERAL.ISSUE_GRANT”, line 1 ORA-06512: at line 1.   

1-EP2WLB: GSASECR Copy userid errors ERROR DO_EXEC_SQL failed ORA-24333 zero iteration count

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